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Title: Download Latest Version (v0.2.0b alpha)
Post by: Angelo on April 16, 2010, 10:23:52 pm
edit: Updated links with new version that actually works.
Start-a-town! v0.2.0b alpha.exe (
Start-a-town! v0.2.0b alpha.rar (
Start-a-town! v0.2.0b (

If it doesn't run, make sure you have the following dependencies:
Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0  (
.Net Framework 4 (

Here's a new demo! If you've tried the old GM demo you'll certainly feel the difference. There's hardly any significant features implemented yet, but you can see the general direction. At the moment you can walk around the map, dig, and harvest berries. And eat the berries.

I'm more interested in feedback on game performance, interface, and graphics. More specifically on performance, I'd like some fps stats on different machines and on different resolutions.

Thank you!

( (
Start-a-Town! teaser ( by startatown (, on Flickr